The Nine Morgens of Avalon

Thitis is the youngest of the Nine Morgens. Her Season is Imbolc and She tumbles in from the North-East bringing Snow. Her quality of Innocence exemplifies her ability to forgive both Herself and others. Thitis loves to play and encourages us into friendship and Sisterhood.
Thetis is the Blossom of the Nine Morgens. Her Season is Beltane and She drifts in from the South-East bringing Scented Clouds.
Her quality of Sovereignty informs Her ability to engage in balanced relationships. Her Faerie embrace entices us beyond friendship and into intimacy.
Mystress Glitonea is the Mother of the Nine Morgens. Her Season is Lammas and She glides in from the South-West bringing Warmth.
Her quality of Abundance brings appreciation of all that exists and expands onto the practice of Gratitude..
Mazoe is the Crone of the Nine Morgens. Her Season is Samhain and She flies in from the North-West bringing Thunder and Lightening.
Her quality of Release brings freedom and all possibility.
Cliton is the teenager of the Nine Morgens. Her Season is Spring and She leaps in from the East bringing Sunshine.
Her quality of Courage focuses Her creativity and enthusiasm. Cliton loves adventure and dares us to follow our passion.
Gliten is the Water Sister of the Nine Morgens. Her Season is Summer and She comes floats in from the South bringing the Rain to soften and relax the Land.
Her quality of Compassion informs Her  emotional abilities bringing serenity.
Moronoe is the Earth Sister of the Nine Morgens. Her Season is Autumn and She flies down land from the West bringing the Winds of Change.
Her quality of Beauty informs Her ability to ground, nurture and protect.
Tyronoe is the Ancient One of the Nine Morgens. Her Season is Winter Solstice and She soars in from the North bringing Ice.
Her Power originates in Her ability to hold Space and Time allowing patterns to emerge.
Morgana is the Enchantress of the Nine Morgens. Her presence is timeless and She spirals in and out from the centre of our awareness though the Mists of Avalon.
Her Mysteries are those of transformation - the Golden and Silver Apples of the Soul.