Nexus Two

Morgen Shapeshifter of Avalon

With Mary Bruce

 Priestess of Avalon 




This three by three day adventure is the flight inwards.

It is open to Morgen Sibyls and Morgen Sisters.

An in-depth exploration of how we as individuals express the qualities of each of the Nine Morgen of Avalon.

Come now, dive into the Cauldron of Avalon. 

Recover your Morgenical resources of alchemy, digestion, patterning, kabbalah and herbalism

 and over the year of nine days stir your cauldron to

Create your Morgen Elixir


As a Morgen Shapeshifter of Avalon you will embellish your accomplishments in the oracular, healing and divinatory arts for yourself and others in devotion to the Lady of Avalon.  

We will continue with our Morgen Flights cawing in the Morgenical energies of Maiden, Fire, Lover ,Water, Mother, Earth, Crone , Air and Mystery. Incorporating them into our magical brew.

The Sacred Landscape of Avalon is the Body of Goddess, here known as Nolava, Lady of Avalon.

She is our Temple.

We will be venturing out at least once each session to engage in ceremonial patterning with Her.

Each three day retreat will comprise of days devoted to one of three Morgen allowing you time to find Her expression in yourself and in Her many forms, colours and shapes.  

Shapeshifter Dates

 The Experience of Distillation, Radiation and Re-elation 

April 2021

Distillation with Thitis - of essence. Transcription.Divination.

The first Morgenical Process of Transformation. Morgenical Herbalism

Radiation with Cliton -  of action. Emanation. Healing.

The second Morgenical Process of Transformation. Eastern Nexus.

Re-elation with Thetis -  of expression. Union. Oracle.

The third process of Morgenical Transformation.


The Experience of Dissolution, Fermentation and Separation

August 2021

Dissolution with Gliten - of dissolving. Fluidity.

The fourth Morgenical Process of Transformation. Southern Nexus.

Fermentation with Glitonea - of increase. Generation.  

The fifth Morgenical Process of Transformation. Digestion.

Separation with Moronoe - of discernment. Resolution.

The sixth Morgenical Process of Transformation. Western Nexus.


The Experiences of Concentration, Crystallisation and Sublimation


September 2021

Concentration with Mazoe -of reduction. Freedom.

The seventh Morgenical Process of Transformation. Kaballah and Tarot.

Crystallisation withTyronoe - of desiccation. Clarity.

The eighth  Morgenical Process of Transformation.

Sublimation with Morgen La Fey - of ecstasy and ease. Peace. 

The ninth Morgenical Process of Transformation. Axis.


The last weekend will culminate in a ceremony of self-realisation as a

Morgen Shapeshifter 

Full fee

£450 paid by March 1st 

A non-refundable deposit of £200 deposit secures your place on the course.


Installment plan

£500 (including £50 administration)

A non-refundable deposit of £200 by March 1st  secures your place.

Plus 2 x £150 payments, due on May 1st and July 1st 


To apply

Contact Mary Bruce at

Tel. +0044(0) 01458 833724


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