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The Nine Morgens of Avalon

Nine Morgens dwell between the misty veils of Avalon.
Sisters through time and space.
They are the places within us that hold all possibility.
Together they become a powerful, dynamic nexus that can focus and catalyse change.

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Three Year Morgen Priestess Training
The Art and Practice of Transformation


Nexus Three 2024
Morgen Priestess

These Mysteries are for our changing times.

They are about the nature of realities and where those realities meet in our increasingly complex and interdependent existence.


As Morgenkind we permeate differing realities as Oracles, Diviners and Healers, spinning, weaving and cutting the threads of our own lives in service to Goddess

and all Her creations. 


We will be dancing the fabric and body of the landscape of Avalon, both inner and outer.

On the final immersive five days we will each weave our Morgen Threads of Change together and tie

them firmly to our Soul choice as 

Morgen Priestesses

Engage with the Morgens as an individual or group

Morgen Transformational Healing

Magnetic and radiatory healing held within the energies of the Nine Morgens  

Morgen Faerie Blessing

A guided journey of deep Soul Healing and profound connection to the Morgens of Avalon.

Held within the energies of Morgen La Fey.

Completed by a ceremony of foot anointing with a Sacred Morgenical of Earthing and Protection.

A Day with Morgen La Fey
Morgen La Fey is the Faerie Enchantress of the Isle of Avalon, hidden from mundane reality by mists and veils. She appears and disappears of Her own choosing, sometimes summoning, sometimes elusive.
Come and discover more of Her Mysteries. This day will be available to book from February 2022.
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